Accommodation at Saariniemi estate


The cottage is located on a private lakefront in northern side of our private peninsula. There is accommodation for two persons in the main cottage, and for two persons in a traditional sauna cottage. Otsola has a small kitchenette, a fireplace, a refrigerator and a microwave. The drinking water will be carried to the cabin, and sauna water will be taken from the lake.

The Cottage has a composting toilet outside.

There is a log built lean-to on the lakefront with a campfire place.

Staying at Otsola makes hunting the Northern Lights quite easy, since the scenery opens up to lake Vanttausjärvi - you can watch the sky from inside the cottage.

Booking available from here

Log Granary (Ranta-aitta)  

Log Granary in the lakefront has an authentic 1860s feel. It has accommodation for two persons. There is a composting toilet outside and a sauna by the lake for the guests.

Price: 50€/night/ 1-2 persons.

Extra cost: Bed linen made in beds and towels 25€/person. 


The house offers modern comfort and the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature. Its peaceful location creates an idyllic atmosphere and a perfect place for relaxation. Enjoy the warm steam in the modern sauna, which is equipped with an electric heater. There is a cozy grill hut in the yard where you can barbecue and spend time. There are no neighbors nearby. Wireless internet and Netflix are included in the price. The house is located 55 km to the east from Rovaniemi city center. 

The house has everything you need for a relaxing visit: 3 bedrooms, each with two beds, a sauna with an electric heater, a bathroom with 2 showers, a washing machine and dryer, a toilet, a functional kitchen, and a cozy living room. The living room has an electric fireplace, which creates a pleasant atmosphere. 

Booking available: From here